Lesson Rates

Guitar / Bass / Ukulele

Discounted price for a limited time!

I have been fully booked and turning students away for several years but I have now made an additional day available for teaching each week. This means I have room for about five new students.

To help fill the schedule up quickly I am offering a very significant discount to the next five people who are looking for lessons.


Please feel free to get in contact, and do so quickly, before the schedule is filled and the discount removed.

How long should a lesson be?

I generally recommend one hour lessons.

One hour is far more efficient than half hour once you consider travel time to and from the lesson and the time it takes to get in, sit down and tune up.

Children under 10 are the only students I’d recommend a half hour lesson for.


How often should you have lessons?

Once a week is regular enough to let me keep providing new information whilst making sure you’re not practicing the wrong things.

Fortnightly lessons are possible and are sometimes a financial necessity. They work best for students who are motivated enough to self learn, or perhaps already have a musical background.

Standard Rates

 One Hour Lesson




Half Hour Lesson