Guitar Tuition In Stockport

Acoustic and Electric Guitar

My Background

Guitar is my main instrument. I began to play electric guitar when I was 15 and picked up an acoustic at University. I’ve performed in rock experimental, pop, soul and hip hop groups and have developed a specialism for early acoustic Blues and Folk. These days I often provide session guitar for the artists that I work with at my recording studio Studio Z.


Where do I teach?

I provide guitar tuition in Stockport. My current students come from Didsbury, Cheadle, Bramhall, Heaton Chapel, Heaton Moor and other surrounding areas.  I teach from my home in Cheadle Heath where I have a dedicated music room and all the necessary facilities to provide great lessons.

Who do I teach?

I teach a wide variety of guitar students. About half are complete beginners and are interested in pop and rock styles. Whilst many others have been playing for years prior to contacting me. These advanced students typically come for lessons to develop a particular specialism and if people are contacting me in this regard, then they’re usually considering advanced fingerstyle techniques for folk and blues.

What kind of lessons do I provide?

Each of my students receive individually planned lessons. I do not teach everyone from the same book. I make sure to listen to the artists that my student like and then I select tracks that are appropriate for lessons.

My students still learn theory e.g scale and chord knowledge and proper technique but it’s all done whilst learning their favourite songs.