Bass Lessons In Stockport

Electric Bass Guitar

My Background

I picked up an electric guitar at 15 years old and kept at it until University. Since then I’ve spent a lot of time playing Bass guitar and learning the instrument in its own right. My favourite bass lines come from old Motown hits because the bass is so central to the sound of that genre. I’m equally happy playing P-Funk with slap techniques, or breaking out a plectrum for some heavy rock bass.


Where do I teach?

I provide bass lessons in Stockport. My current students come from Didsbury, Cheadle, Bramhall, Heaton Chapel, Heaton Moor and other surrounding areas.  I teach from my home in Cheadle Heath where I have a dedicated music room and all the necessary facilities to provide great lessons. All you need to do is bring a bass guitar!


Who do I teach?

I am currently teaching bass to three or four beginners, as well as a couple of mature musicians who have learnt their trade on piano to a very high standard, and are learning Bass as their first stringed instrument. As you can imagine the lessons are pretty different for each student!


What kind of lessons do I provide?

For bass guitar I pay particular attention to technique in the early lessons. It’s such a big, physically imposing instrument that good technique is essential to be able to access the necessary notes. Once the foundations have been laid I try to get a number of full tracks under our belt – chosen from artists that are relevant to each individual student.