Guitar Lessons

Acoustic guitar or Electric guitar lessons in Stockport. I’ve played both for 15+ years in a variety of styles.

Bass Lessons

Over the last few years Bass has become my favourite instrument. I’ve actually chosen to play bass for my function band rather than guitar!

Ukulele Lessons

Ukulele is an amazing gateway into music. A low cost instrument that offers an immediate reward.

Beginner to Advanced

I’m as happy teaching a new students first ever guitar lesson as I am teaching advanced fingerstyle techniques to an experienced musician.

Old or Young

My youngest student ever was four (she’s seven now and still playing!) and my oldest student is in their 80’s!

Tutoring designed for you

I plan my lessons so that they’re relevant to you. If you only like 80’s Rock then I’ll teach you by using songs from that genre. If Ed Sheeran is all you listen to then no problem you can learn to play through learning his songs.

I teach every genre!

That’s actually not true. I teach advanced fingerstyle folk and blues, as well as traditional rock, indy and pop.┬áStudents should seek specialist tutors for classical and jazz techniques.